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No fuel at Goymarr (Mary River Roadhouse)

There is currently no fuel at Goymarr (Mary River Roadhouse is closed, only campground is operating). You can purchase fuel in Pine Creek or Cooinda Lodge.

  • 2 Mile Hole opens early

    This popular fishing spot in the South Alligator region re-opened for the year on 5 April 2015. It is a small, tree-lined billabong near a shady camp area, about 12 km from the Arnhem Highway by dirt road.

    2 Mile Hole is open a month ahead of schedule, thanks to the extra work we’ve done to stabilise creek crossings, helping the road survive the wet season flooding in better condition.

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  • Bird week

    See Kakadu’s remarkable birds in our second Bird Week!

    Kakadu is a birdwatcher’s paradise - from woodland birds of the tropical savannah to water birds gracing the region’s famed billabongs, to richly voiced birds ringing across majestic sandstone escarpments.

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  • Bush walking strategy

    Kakadu has released the draft of their new bushwalking strategy. We extend an invitation to provide comments on the draft Walking Strategy which will be available for comment until COB Friday 20 March 2015.

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  • Guluyumbi wet season cruise

    The Guluyumbi wet season cruise is now operating on the Magela wetlands and offering exclusive wet season access to Ubirr. For bookings please call them on 1800 525 238

  • How far does a flatback turtle swim?

    Every year Kakadu staff, traditional owners and volunteers camp on Gardangarl (Field Island) and study the turtles as they come ashore to nest. Last August we fitted satellite tags to two nesting females, Manbiri and Yurrwa, before they returned to the water, and we’ve been following them ever since.

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  • An array of sharks in Kakadu’s waters

    We’ve been out on the West Alligator River for a second survey of sawfish and river sharks. The first survey took place 12 months ago and discovered a significant population of northern river sharks in this remote Kakadu river.

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  • Kakadu National Park – Draft Management Plan

    The Kakadu Board of Management has prepared a new draft management plan to guide park management over the next 10 years. The new draft management plan is a strategic document which sets out how the park will be looked after. It is also a legal document – it is essentially the law for the park under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act), and sets out the activities that can and cannot be done in the park.

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  • Saving our threatened species

    Love Kakadu’s wildlife? So do we!

    We’re ramping up action to save threatened species like our northern quoll.

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  • Bird week

    Kakadu’s first ever Bird Week, held at the end of September 2014, was a great success. Kakadu is a birdwatcher’s paradise, and ornithologists from around Australia took advantage of the week’s program of activities.
    Teams surveyed a huge number of birds, including key threatened species within the park, particularly in remote and publicly inaccessible areas. A total of 153 species were recorded.

    • Kakadu’s bird week highlighted the amazing natural values and biodiversity of Kakadu National Park. It also provided an opportunity to raise awareness of species that are in trouble and the challenges we face in our efforts to protect them.

      Data collected from the surveys will help guide the park’s conservation and management efforts, supporting species recovery in the area.

        Visitors had some exiting sightings including:
      • Yellow chat (endangered Alligator River subspecies)
      • White-throated grasswren
      • Rufous Owl
      • Flocks of 800-1,000 brolga
      • Red-backed buttonquail

      Other birds spotted during the week include the white-lined honeyeater, banded fruit-dove, sandstone shrike-thrush, chestnut-quilled rock-pigeon, little curlew, rainbow pitta, partridge pigeon, australian bustard, spotted harrier, black-breasted buzzard, wedge-tailed eagle, buff-sided robin, variegated fairywren, northern rosella, black-tailed treecreeper, tawny grassbird and zitting cisticola.

      Click here to see the program from the 2014 Bird Week

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