Booderee National Park

Important COVID-19 update

Booderee National Park has a number of COVID-19 safety measures in place to protect visitors, staff and the local community.

For further information on Booderee National Park’s COVID-19 safety measures please refer to the COVID-19 safety webpage and check the entry requirements before visiting Booderee National Park.

Humpback whale Humpback whale

The humpback whale is one of the most easily recognisable large whales. The first sign of its presence is often its ‘blow’ – a cloud of vapour that it shoots into the air when it breaks the surface to breathe.

Humpback whales were nearly hunted to extinction. The last whaling station in New South Wales, at Byron Bay, closed in 1962 because so few whales could be found.

Humpback whales are now protected throughout Australia and are listed as a vulnerable species in New South Wales.

If you’re heading for a visit in early winter (June/July), don’t forget to learn more about whale watching at Booderee. Whale watching is one of our most popular activities. Head to the Cape St George Lighthouse or Governors Head for the best view of our migrating giants.