Booderee National Park

Important COVID-19 update

Booderee National Park has a number of COVID-19 safety measures in place to protect visitors, staff and the local community.

For further information on Booderee National Park’s COVID-19 safety measures please refer to the COVID-19 safety webpage and check the entry requirements before visiting Booderee National Park.

Australian king parrot

The king parrot is a large elegant bird, measuring about 43 centimetres. The handsome male is brilliant scarlet with a bright green ‘cloak’ on his wings and back, and a blue rump. The female is striking too, with her green head and back, blue rump, red belly and legs.


Look for king parrots in Booderee’s eucalypt forests, high up in the larger trees or gathering in small groups on the ground beneath. You will always see flocks of king parrots at the Green Patch day use area.


King parrots mostly forage in trees for seeds and fruit.


These birds nest high up in the hollows of the larger trees. In the unlined tree hollows, females produce three to five eggs.


Listen for a metallic chack and a whistling sweee rather like the hinge of a squeaky gate.