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Booderee National Park has a number of COVID-19 safety measures in place to protect visitors, staff and the local community.

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Brush bronzewing Brush bronzewing

The brush bronzewing is a small and colourful pigeon, around 30 centimetres long. It has a blue-grey underside, a rich red-brown back and glistening, metallic feathers on the wing.


The brush bronzewing is a shy bird, often well hidden in dense shrubbery. However you may be lucky enough to spot this bird alone or in a pair on the Telegraph Creek Nature Trail.


The brush bronzewing feeds on the seeds of various plants, moving around alone or in small groups, usually not far from fresh water.


The nest of the brush bronzewing is the usual flimsy, flat structure characteristic of pigeons. The female builds the nest on the ground, in trees or more commonly in dense brush.


Its call is a low repeated hoop or whoo which can continue for some time.