Booderee National Park

Important COVID-19 update

Booderee National Park has a number of COVID-19 safety measures in place to protect visitors, staff and the local community.

For further information on Booderee National Park’s COVID-19 safety measures please refer to the COVID-19 safety webpage and check the entry requirements before visiting Booderee National Park.

Mountain devil

This plant is endemic to New South Wales, and is generally located in open forest with sandstone-based soil. It’s scientific name is Lambertia formosa, Formosa being the Latin adjective for ‘handsome’ – we can see why!

Many of our birds, including honeyeaters, love this shrub because its flowers are full of nectar. The plant recovers naturally after bushfire, regrowing from its woody base.

New growth is often coasted with a dusting of fine, brown hairs. New flowers typically emerge between September and January, but you may see them flower year-round on the Telegraph Creek Nature Trail.