Booderee National Park

Thursday 3 October 2019

As whale mothers return to the Antarctic with their calves Booderee National Park is urging jet-ski operators to stay safe, keep their distance from the gentle giants and steer clear of Booderee National Park waters where personal water craft are not permitted.

The reminder comes in the lead up to this long-weekend when visitors and water users come to Jervis Bay and Booderee to enjoy the warmer conditions.

Personal water craft including jet skis are not permitted in Booderee National Park waters AT ALL and there are signs at boat ramps around Jervis Bay and at Murrays Boat Ramp in Booderee National Park.

Significant penalties of up to $1,050 can apply to individuals who do not abide by the rules and regulations.

Click here more information about Fishing, Boating and Personal Water Craft (jet skis).