Booderee National Park

Park fees help us manage the natural and cultural values of the park and improve visitor services. We also source local services and providers to perform work for the park to support the local economy.

Passes & permits

Walkers, pushbike riders and children on school excursions enter free of charge.

Where to buy tickets

Visitors are welcome to enter the park and to purchase day tickets at the coin operated fee station at the Visitor Information Centre.Annual tickets are also available from the park Visitor Information Centre, open from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm seven days.

Vehicle fees

Park use tickets for Booderee National Park are issued for each vehicle, not for each person. Vehicle passes are valid for 48 hours, 12 months or 24 months. Any number of passengers can enter and leave the park as many times as they like in the ticketed vehicle for the period that the ticket is valid.

Please note that our fees are increasing from 1 December 2018.

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Regular visitors may choose to purchase annual tickets, similar to vehicle registration stickers, which affix to the windscreen.

There is no additional charge for trailers or vans. Tickets are not transferable from one vehicle to another.

Vehicle Price
48 hour car/motorbike $ 11.00 / $ 5.50 Concession*
Annual car/motorbike $ 44.00 / $ 22.00 Concession*
Two year car/motorbike $ 66.00 / $ 33.00 Concession*
Second vehicle (one year) $ 22.00 / $ 11.00 Concession*
Second vehicle (two year) $ 33.00 / $ 16.50 Concession*
Bus / Taxi $ 3.50 Per person – passenger / $ 2.50 Concession* and Students

Boating fees

Recreational and commercial boat operators passing through the waters of the park, without using park facilities and services on the way will not be required to pay the park use fee.

Visitors from boats moored or anchored in the park who use park facilities are required to pay the fee. Visitors launching boats from park boat ramps are using park facilities and need to pay the fee on entering the park.

Commercial operator fees

Commercial tour vehicles / buses / boats are required to obtain a permit to operate in the park and to have a valid park use ticket. Additionally a fee of $3.50 per passenger applies. Children six years and under on a commercial tour to Booderee are exempt from the fee.

Please note that our fees are increasing from 1 December 2018.

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What do park use fees pay for?

An estimated 400,000 visitors are drawn to Booderee National Park each year. There is a cost of protecting the natural and cultural values of the park and maintaining facilities from wear and tear from park visitation.

Camping fees

Camping fees apply for the Green Patch, Bristol Point and Cave Beach camping areas. Find out more about camping


  • Planning a wedding or other event in the park?
  • Thinking of taking photos or video for commercial purposes?
  • Considering a new business opportunity?
  • Maybe thinking about doing some research?

You’ll need a permit. See more on our corporate website