Canberra Tree Week 2016

Monday 2 - Sunday 8 May

Canberra Tree Week is a chance to appreciate and celebrate the beautiful and exceptional trees and forests we have in Canberra. The 2016 event will be held from Monday 2 to Sunday 8 May to showcase the beautiful autumn colour of Canberra's trees. Discover the many benefits trees give to our community, local wildlife and the Canberra environment at one of the many activities happening around town.

  • Self Guided Walk: 'Facts, Feats and Achievements of Australian Native Trees'

    Take the opportunity to become more intimate with Australian native trees and their notable features. Who's hairy and why? Who's the 'weeping mini'? And in which tree will you find nature's most prolific graffiti artist? Drop into the Visitor Centre and collect a self guided map booklet and head out on a fascinating tour of the Garden's trees. Booklets available from 1 May.

  • Public Workshops: 'Buy Smart, Plant Smart: ensuring success for your Native Trees'

    Wednesday 4 and Saturday 7 May | Cost applies

    A 2 hour workshop on how to make considered native tree purchases for suburban backyards including suitable space and habitat conditions, planting preparation and the first weeks of plant care. Workshops include a walk through the Garden's living collection to inspect mature and 'successful' tree plantings.

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