Australian National Botanic Gardens

23 November to 10 December — Visitor Centre Gallery

The 10th annual exhibition of the Friends of the ANBG Photographic Group.

‘Illuminate’ has two meanings: one is about physical light, and the other is about intellectual or spiritual enlightenment.

The exhibition features a range of photographs taken within the Gardens, inviting others to discover, appreciate and value Australia’s unique flora and fauna. All photographs exhibited are for sale as well as unframed prints, cards, and specialty calendars by individual members.

There will be two special award categories:

  1. Acacia - photographs of a single or group of acacia flowers/plants/trees
  2. Fauna - photographs of fauna (e.g. birds, animals, reptiles, insects).

Other exhibited photographs include plant portraits, close-up shots of flowers, birds and insects, intimate landscapes within the gardens and fauna from our local region.


23 November to 10 December


Visitor Centre Gallery