Australian National Botanic Gardens

29 June – 31 July — Visitor Centre Gallery

A communal creative exploration of the way Australian bushland responds to fire, in particular the regeneration that occurs in Australian bushland after bushfires.

During 2021 and 2022, Shoalhaven Regional Gallery supplied leaf and new growth templates printed on card for people to cut out and decorate in any materials, in either drab ‘burnt’ colours or bright, ‘new leaf’ colours. These were then installed on a series of hanging ribbons to create a curtain of colour and pattern for visitors to enjoy.

The result is a stunning collaborative installation, with thousands of leaves decorated by people of all ages from across the Shoalhaven, culminating in a curtain of colour and pattern for everyone to enjoy.

Regenerate was developed by Orange Regional Museum and Orange Regional Gallery and has been adapted by Shoalhaven Regional Gallery using the Regenerate Tool Kit.


29 June – 31 July


Visitor Centre Gallery