Australian National Botanic Gardens

8 February-- 10 March; 9.30 am - 4.30 pm daily — Visitor Centre Gallery

Installation of drawings and objects by Sally Mumford

A collection of drawings, prints and glasswork representing the observations and experiences of local artist in the form of wary finders. The works will capture the form, texture and colour of flora of Black Mountain including two significant endangered communities.

Artists’s words

In this exhibition I have been walking and drawing Black Mountain as a way to orient myself in this place, to find my way into this country. As a relatively new resident to Canberra, getting to know the urban bushland that surrounds the city creates a sense of belonging.

The exhibition also aims to connect people to the small gestures of nature that define landscape and place, to inspire people to cherish and care for urban bush land and highlight its beauty and wonder. 

Sally Mumford

Sally’s love of drawing began as a small child and she has been continually inspired by the bush around her. She has a strong connection to country/land/place, which has developed through her profession as an artist living in the bush in Central Australia and Tasmania. Through actively engaging with the environment and observing quietly, her practice is a sensual and physical exploration of the elemental forces felt and how these feelings and connection bring a sense of well-being. 

She is about to embark on an honours year after completing her Bachelor of Visual Arts at ANU.


8 February– 10 March; 9.30 am - 4.30 pm daily


Visitor Centre Gallery