Garden facts

You're sure to learn something new from these amazing facts about the Australia National Botanic Gardens.

  • How many plants does the Gardens have?

    The Gardens has over 78,000 plants growing on site.

  • How many species does the Gardens have?

    The Gardens features over 6,300 species representing nearly one-third of Australia's known native plants.
  • What's in flower at the gardens?

    There's always something in flower in the Gardens - 365 days of the year. Whether you want to plan a garden or just surround yourself with glorious scents and colours, look no further than our thousands of plants!
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  • How many people visit the Australia National Botanic Gardens?

    The Gardens attracts over 400,000 visitors per year.
  • Who is living in the Gardens?

    The Gardens is home to kangaroos, water dragons, many beautiful species of birds, echidna, sugar gliders, possums, yabbies and more!
  • How long does it take to travel around Australia?

    At the Gardens a trip around Australia can be taken in less than a day! Walk from the Tasmanian Garden, up through the rainforests of the central coast, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Don't forget to experience the heart of Australia at the Red Centre Garden.
  • Do you have any rare plants?

    We have two species of critically endangered plants, 72 species of endangered plants and 118 that are listed as vulnerable. We cultivate plants that are disappearing in the wild with a view to protecting them for future generations and replanting them outside of the Gardens.
  • What else happens at the Gardens?

    Storytime, after dark spotlighting adventures, concerts, parties, exhibitions, coffee, cake, high tea, scones with native jams, browsing for books and goodies in The Botanical Bookshop. (Did we forget to mention sunset cinemas, talks and lectures, photography, research, workshops, school holiday activities, plant sales, dancing, workshops, Birdwatching and relaxing?)

  • Which resident makes the funniest noise?

    The Australia National Botanic Gardens is alive with birdsong - and a few other sounds. The gang-gang cockatoo is the ACT's faunal emblem and makes a creaky sort of caw that sounds like a swinging gate. In spring and summer listen out for the pobblebonk frog's call which makes a fantastic 'bonk bonk' sound.
  • How many Friends do you have?

    The Friends of the Gardens help us out by leading free guided walks, hosting events, raising funds and supporting our conservation efforts. More than 1,800 volunteers make up this energetic and vibrant crew.
  • Which plant smells like chewing gum?

    Correa chefs cap has a fruity aroma that a lot of people say smells exactly like Juicy Fruit gum! Eucalypts, melaleucas and tea-trees often offer enticing smells.