Whether it's recreating a rainforest or developing a Red Centre Garden, we want to transport you to the environment of the plants you are seeing. The Gardens' horticulturalists have the exciting challenge of caring for the diverse needs of our living collection while also ensuring the gardens are landscaped and maintained to be a beautiful place to visit.

  • Toby - keeping a rainforest alive.

    Growing and maintaining the Gardens' Rainforest Gully is no easy task.

    • Fascinated and inspired by the seemingly infinite diversity of plants, Toby is committed to making a difference to their conservation and appreciation. While often busy with planting, watering, weeding, pruning and propagating, Toby also manages partnerships with several regional botanic gardens to help conserve the endemic flora of their regions. He is constantly planning and assessing the growth of the Rainforest Gully plants for succession planting ideas and new display possibilities.

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  • David - tempting people to become more connected with Australian plants.

    Curating our most significant collection of Australian plants.

    • As the Curator of the Gardens, David is endlessly fascinated by the diversity of Australian plants. He loves the endless inspiration the plants provide - and the records attached to them that make the Gardens a living museum. He loves finding ways to introduce visitors to the possibilities of native plants, whether they are interested in planting them, researching them or conserving them. From wattles to Banksias, from locally threatened grasslands to the fascinating diversity of tree trunks, there's always something new for him to explore.

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  • Rosella - combining special growing conditions with tender loving care.

    Rosella spends much of her time nurturing plants with very special environmental needs.

    • Rosella trials these plants with special soils in pots around the Gardens made from concrete pipes. She is inspired by her successes, like the exceptional flowering season of a Sturts Desert Pea - thanks to the good drainage she created for the plants. Through such successes, visitors have the chance to see plants that are normally hidden away in the protected environment of the nursery, many of them threatened species. Under Rosella's guidance the pipes combine plants, materials, textures and colours that reflect the landscapes and themes of the Gardens.

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