Our volunteers

Our passionate volunteers contribute to the success of many Gardens' programs including guided walks, lunchtime talks, public events, plant sales and seed collection and science.

If you think you would like to voluteer with us - find out more on our Support page.

  • Glenys Bishop - sharing stories about Australia's natural world

    Volunteer guide Glenys knows visitors love a good story. Her love of the outdoors is combined with her passion to tell visitors what makes the gardens special - and she's got a wealth of fascinating facts at her fingertips.

    • As the convenor of the volunteer guides Glenys weaves scientific titbits and the history of Australia's native plants with fresh ideas to bring the Gardens to life. The guide's recent 'Turned On' walks, designed to tie-in with the National Gallery of Australia's Turner exhibition, gave art lovers something to think about. The guide's bush foods walks explored plant use from Indigenous times, through early pioneer use to its role in modern Australian cuisine.

      Glenys has learned over the years what her audience enjoys - fresh ideas, some fascinating facts, a bit of science and a good story.

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  • Barbara Daly - making the Gardens easy to explore

    For twenty years Barbara Daly has been creating our In Flower this Week newsletter - detailing the highlights of what's flowering across the Gardens' 40 hectares each week.

    • Barbara's energy is an inspiration to us all - and her happy outlook on life (which she attributes to the Gardens!) has brought pleasure to hundreds in a volunteer career that spans more than two decades. If you're in the Gardens on a Monday or Tuesday look out for Barbara preparing the latest weekly newsletter - and stop to say 'g'day'.

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