Australian National Botanic Gardens

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Digging deep into plants? We offer botany programs across four key areas: plant identification, plant structures, horticulture and photosynthesis.

Our educational experts will design a program for your group’s needs based around the following modules:

  • Plant identification – Explore classification, major Australian families, herbarium specimens, microscope dissections and how to use keys.
  • Plant structures – Investigate seeds, leaves, stems and flowers with a microscope to understand the strategies plants use to grow and survive.
  • Horticulture – Find out how our horticulturalists manage the Gardens – from the pre-treatment of seeds to sowing, aftercare, transplanting and cuttings.
  • Photosynthesis – Learn the ins and outs of plant respiration and why we need plants to survive.

1 hour program cost: $7.25 per student; 1.5 hours program cost: $9.00 per student


Suitable for

  • Tick icon Years 7–10
  • Tick icon Years 11–12


1–1.5 hours


$7.25 per student

Maximum number of students