Christmas Island National Park

Christmas Island is a paradise for photographers thanks to its extraordinary landscapes, dazzling colours and unusual wildlife subjects.

Whether you’re a casual smartphone snapper or a DSLR dynamo, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to nail the perfect shot.

The island is alive with contrasting colours: deep rainforest greens, golden sands, turquoise waters and the vibrant reds of our resident crabs. Photograph nesting seabirds and migrating crustaceans or take your lens underwater to capture our pristine corals and diverse marine life.

There’s plenty to shoot around town as well – historic buildings, intricate temples and the island’s numerous cultural festivals.

Here are some of our favourite photo spots on Christmas Island:

  • Martin Point – This rocky point on the west coast invites shots of rugged sea cliffs and plentiful seabirds. It’s also one of the best places on the island to photograph the sunset.
  • The Blowholes – Pick a high shutter speed to capture powerful sea sprays jetting into the air.
  • Dolly Beach – This peaceful beach is a great spot to photograph turtle tracks and giant robber crabs.
  • The Dales – A rainforest area where you can capture Christmas Island’s lush plant life. The waterfall at Hugh’s Dale is a scenic highlight.
  • Territory Day Park lookout – The best lookout for shooting panoramas of Flying Fish Cove. The gardens and historic architecture of nearby Tai Jin House also offer plenty of photo opportunities.

The island is home to several professional photographers who specialise in shooting Christmas island. Join one of their guided photography tours and learn how to capture the best possible images of this incredible part of the world.