There are many walking tracks with spectacular views on the island. There's something to suite all preferences from short well-developed tracks such as Hugh's Dale to some longer and more rugged tracks like Winifred Beach and West White Beach.

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  • Inside the national park

    • Margaret Knoll Lookout

      A quick drive and a short walk leads you to dramatic panoramic views of the east coast. As it's located at the edge of a high inland cliff it's a great site to watch the seabirds soaring, including frigate birds, red footed and brown boobies and the golden bosun.
      Incline symbol | 4 WD | 100 m | 1 min each way

    • Dolly Beach

      A leisurely walk of just over one km to an isolated and picturesque sandy beach. Robber crabs inhabit the area above the beach and turtles nest all year round. Camping is permitted under certain conditions but please contact Christmas Island National Park on 08 9164 8700 first.
      Heavy incline | 4 WD | 1 km | 1 hr each way

    • The Blowholes

      The vehicle track to the Blowholes passes through tall rainforest - plus you'll usually see thousands of red crabs. From the viewing platform enjoy the panoramic views of the rugged south coastline, and watch the seawater spray high into the air as large swells pound against the shore cliffs.
      Incline | 4 WD | 2 WD | 2WD part way

    • West White Beach walking trail

      Meanders down through tall plateau and rainforest - ending on the stunning beach and a perfect place for lunch. It is a moderately difficult walk and includes a short descent down a steep cliff using a rope towards the end. Walkers are advised to wear sturdy footwear and carry all drinking water to explore this trail. The beach has a stunning coral reef off-shore, and wonderful views of the north coast.
      Very steep (walking pole) | 4WD | 1.5 km | 1 hr

    • Winifred Beach walking trail

      The vehicle track is a rough but scenic drive mostly through semi-deciduous rainforests. The trail reaches the coast via a steep staircase down the cliff face to a rocky shore and very pretty little cove. Look out for seabirds including brown boobies and white-tailed tropicbirds, which nest in the area.
      Very steep | 4WD | 1.4 km | 30 min each way

    • Martin Point walk

      A short 400 m walk, Martin Point is great for photographers thanks to its excellent views along the west coast of the island. A great place to look out for red-footed boobies roosting and brown boobies nesting on the cliffs. There's a picnic table on the viewing platform and it is a perfectly peaceful place to watch the sun set over the sea.
      Incline | 4 WD | 400 m |3 min each way

    • Perpendicular Wall walking trail

      This flat 10 km wilderness walk passes through coastal terrace forests, with large numbers of red crabs and seabirds. Upon reaching Perpendicular Wall you'll be rewarded with spectacular views of the northern coastline.
      Very steep | 4 WD 10 km | 2 hr each way

    • The Dales walking trail

      Permanent flowing water and stunning wet areas at The Dales provides habitat for endemic blue crabs and impressive stands of Tahitian chestnut trees.
      Incline | 4 WD | 2 WD

    • Hugh's Dale waterfall

      A 1.5 km boardwalk trail leads from The Dale's to Hugh's Dale Waterfall. Signage along the trail offers information on the island's plants and animals.
      Incline 4 WD | I.5 km | 30 min each way

    • Anderson's Dale

      For the more adventurous, a second trail leads on from Hugh's Dale to Anderson's Dale via a small gorge with a stream that flows to the sea.
      Very steep | 4 WD 3.6 km | 1 hr each way

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  • Outside the national park

    • Territory Day Park nature trail

      Begin at Territory Point where there are barbecue facilities, a playground and a lookout over Flying Fish Bay. A 1 km trail leads through Christmas Island's unique rainforests to the historical sites at Taj Jin House.
      Steep | 2 WD | 1 km | 1 hr each way

    • Golf course lookout

      Breathtaking views await! The golf course look-out is a great place to see red-footed boobies, frigatebirds and golden bosuns as they soar past you. The walk is short but steep and rugged, passing a historic Chinese cemetery and arriving at a cliff perched above the golf course.
      Very steep | 4 WD| 1 km | 10 min each way

    • Greta Beach

      Enjoy the views from the platform at the top of the staircase that leads down to Greta Beach - or take the short descent to the sand below. Turtles nest all year on Greta Beach and high numbers of red crabs spawn here during the annual migration season.
      Incline | 4 WD | 300 m | 15 min each way

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