The staff

Park staff work alongside a range of partners to control weeds and invasive species and rehabilitate the rainforest. We're planting thousands of native trees on abandoned minefields adjacent to Abbott's booby habitat and these areas are showing the first signs of success with species moving into them.

We're leading the world in our efforts to control crazy ants that threaten the iconic red crabs. We're mapping and surveying the ants, and periodically aerial-bait 'super-colonies'. We're also working with researchers from Latrobe University to reduce the number of scale insects on the island - the crazy ants' major food source.

Feral cats and rats are a threat to native species around the world - but especially on oceanic islands like Christmas Island. Here cats are known to prey on native reptiles, ground nesting seabirds - including the golden bosun - flying foxes and forest birds. Rats eat the eggs of native wildlife particularly seabirds and forest birds.