Kakadu National Park

The agile wallaby is northern Australia’s most common macropod (a family that also includes kangaroos).

They have a body length of up to 80 cm and a tail that can be just as long. Females tend to be quite a bit smaller than males.

Agile wallabies can be recognised by the white stripe on their thigh and dark stripe on their cheeks.

Where to see it

Agile wallabies are found throughout Kakadu’s woodlands. They are often spotted on grassy areas by the side of the road and around campgrounds.

These wallabies happily forage around campsites, letting nature lovers sit quietly and watch them go about their day.

Please do not feed any wildlife in Kakadu.


Agile wallabies can be seen alone or in groups. They breed throughout the year, with females giving birth to a single joey that remains in the pouch for up to eight months.

Other names

  • Scientific name: Macropus agilis