Kakadu National Park

Saturday 12 October 2019

The red bush apple can be recognised by its large dark leaves, snow-white flowers and ribbed red fruit.

An attractive tropical species, it grows in the transitional zones between Kakadu’s eucalypt woodlands and monsoon thickets.

The trees flower in Gurrung and Gunumeleng (July – November) and produce fruit in Gunumeleng and Gudjewg (October – February). They are extremely tolerant of fire, readily growing new shoots when a plant is burnt or damaged.

See it on the Gubara walk, Yurmikmik walks, Maguk walk, Gunlom Falls walk and Jim Jim walk.


Bininj/Mungguy eat the fruits raw and use the juice of the cooked apple to sooth sore throats, coughs and chest congestion.

The leaves are made into a tea to treat stomach problems, while heated leaves can be applied to wounds to stop bleeding and swelling.

Other names

  • Scientific names: Syzygium suborbiculare