Kakadu National Park

Saturday 12 October 2019

Swamp bloodwoods aren’t common in Kakadu, but their spectacular flowers really make them stand out in a crowd.

Growing up to 15 metres high, this eucalypt has rough, fibrous bark and large glossy leaves. Its buds appear in groups of seven, which erupt into stunning pink, red or creamy white flowers during Gunumeleng (October to December).

The flowers are a source of nectar for birds such as honeyeaters, helmeted friarbirds and red-winged parrots.

Look for these gorgeous trees in the transitional zones between eucalypt woodlands and monsoon thickets, such as the Gubara Pools walk and Yurmikmik walks.


Bininj/Mungguy eat the seeds and use the leaves for emergency dressings or to make music.

Other names

  • Scientific name: Corymbia ptychocarpa