Croc spotting

Kakadu has no shortage of crocs. There are a couple of great spots for safely observing these prehistoric predators around the park. Make sure to observe all safety signs, and be aware that whenever you are near water in the park, there is a risk of crocs!

Be crocwise - see the NT parks and wildlife video

ALWAYS REMEMBER - Saltwater crocodiles can attack people in boats - the smaller the boat the greater the risk.

  • See crocs in the East Alligator region

    Grab a cool drink from the Border Store and relax beside the river - just don't get too close to the water's edge! See it April /May to November/December.

    Cahill's Crossing
    East Alligator River

    • Cahill's Crossing

      Dozens of crocs guard this river crossing from Kakadu into Arnhem Land. See them at the viewing platform or from the downstream boat ramp - just stay well clear of the water's edge. In August and September, watch the crocs line up at high tide to catch the wave of mullet swimming upstream.

      See it: April to December

    • East Alligator River

      Spot crocodiles along the East Alligator River from a Guluyambi boat cruise, run by Aboriginal guides.

      See it: May to November

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  • See crocs in the Yellow Water region

    There's wildlife galore at Yellow Water wetlands, including plenty of toothy locals.

    Yellow Water wetlands

    • Yellow Water wetlands

      Look for crocodiles sunning themselves on the banks of the wetland. You get a great view from the Aboriginal-run Yellow Water boat cruise.

      See it: From a boat cruise all year round. Boardwalk and billabong walk accessible July to November.

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