Kakadu National Park

Important COVID-19 update – Visitor restrictions

Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, all visitors need to ensure that they are complying with the current travel restrictions in place by the Northern Territory Government.

Get an insight into the culture of the Bininj/Mungguy people through three different ranger-guided experiences.

Views of country and culture

Kuwarddehwardde Lookout, 15-20 minutes

The view from Kunwarddewardde Lookout shows links between people and country. We look at country from both a scientific and a cultural perspective and explain how scientists and Bininj/Mungguy view Kakadu’s landscapes and habitats.

Bininj/Mungguy culture follows the seasons across the land, reading it like a calendar so they know where to be and what to eat. Learn how this complex cultural landscape is jointly managed in the national park.

Learning about law, land and family

Anbangbang gallery, 20 minutes

Rangers will tell you the stories of this spectacular gallery. We don’t know how old the original paintings at this site are, but we do know that they were recently re-painted. This is significant as these paintings reflect a continuing culture.

Our ranger talk will give you insight into why the art at this site was painted and how the paintings and landmarks represent law, land and family for Bininj/Mungguy.

A jigsaw in time

Anbangbang shelter, 15-20 minutes

The archaeological dig at this site revealed a long-standing presence of people here through changing landscapes and time. It shows Bininj adapting their lifestyles through dramatically shifting climates over the last 20,000 years.

Find out how Bininj adapted to changing food sources and hunting techniques as the climate and landscapes evolved.


Certain activities may be cancelled without prior notice, for cultural reasons or due to conditions beyond our control.

Please contact Bowali Visitor Centre on 08 8938 1120 for more information.


Held during the dry season, 1 June - 25 September 2020

Meet at

Burrungkuy (Nourlangie)

Time required

2 hours