Kakadu National Park

Tuesday, 8.00–10.00 am — Nanguluwurr Walk

Move through country, looking at plants, animals and rock art from two perspectives – Bininj (Aboriginal people in the north of the park) and Balanda (visitor).

There are a variety of rock art styles that the rangers will point out and explain. You’ll be surprised by the age of many of these artistic creations and more connected to country with your new understanding of this ancient place.

Rangers will point out subtle changes in landscape and explain how these changes directly relate to the plants and animals. Learn how Bininj traditionally use plants for food and medicine, and how animals, birds and insects play a role in their stories and beliefs.

Easy 4 km return walk.


Certain activities may be cancelled without prior notice, for cultural reasons or due to conditions beyond our control.

Please contact Bowali Visitor Centre on 08 8938 1120 for more information.


Tuesday, 8.00–10.00 am

Meet at

Nanguluwurr Walk

Time required

2 hours 30 minutes