Kakadu National Park

Ranger guided activities will be offered again in 2021

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Saltwater crocodiles are the world’s largest reptiles and Australia’s largest estuarine and freshwater predator.

Did you know there are about 10,000 crocodiles in Kakadu? That’s right, Kakadu is crocodile country. They use stillness and camouflage to hide, and underwater stealth and lightning reflexes to catch their prey.

Our rangers’ knowledge of crocodile behavior comes from first hand experience, providing special insights into this powerful, solitary creature. You’ll be amazed by some local tales and legends, learn the dos and don’ts of crocodile safety and find out all about the life-cycle of crocodiles, from eggs in the nest through to breeding and later life.


Certain activities may be cancelled without prior notice, for cultural reasons or due to conditions beyond our control.

Please contact Bowali Visitor Centre on 08 8938 1120 for more information.


Held during the dry season, 1 June - 25 September 2020

Meet at

Mercure Crocodile Hotel, Jabiru (Escarpment Restaurant)

Time required

1 hour