Kakadu National Park

Friday, 5.00–6.30 pm and Saturday, 8.00–9.30 am — Gunlom day use area

Come for this moderate to difficult walk to the top of Gunlom. The climb may be steep, but the rewards are outstanding views, local knowledge and a new-found connection to Kakadu.

The Jawoyn people maintain strong ties to the creation stories of this area. They use and care for the park’s resources throughout the six seasons of the year and ensure the land is healthy for the next generation.

During the walk you will reflect on creation stories, the history of Jawoyn country and how the connections between people and land remain strong through changing times.

Steep 2 km return walk.


Certain activities may be cancelled without prior notice, for cultural reasons or due to conditions beyond our control.

Please contact Bowali Visitor Centre on 08 8938 1120 for more information.


Friday, 5.00–6.30 pm and Saturday, 8.00–9.30 am

Meet at

Gunlom day use area

Time required

1 hour 30 minutes