Kakadu National Park

Fridays, 7.30–8.30 pm — Gunlom day use area

If you were lost in the bush could you find something safe to eat? The Jawoyn people can.

They have been hunting and gathering bush foods for thousands of years.

Jawoyn’s three clan groups continue to hunt traditional foods on country to this day. They’ve honed and adapted their methods over hundreds of generations, looking and listening to the signs the land is giving them about what is ripe, and where to find their many delicacies.

Hunting methods have been influenced over the years by modern evolution. New additions have been added to traditional hunting methods and diets, incorporating the new, but never letting go of the old ways.

Join park rangers to learn about the history of the three Jawoyn clan groups and local bush tucker, hunting methods and medicines this ancient culture uses in their daily lives.


Fridays, 7.30–8.30 pm

Meet at

Gunlom day use area

Time required

1 hour