Kakadu National Park

Important COVID-19 update – Visitor restrictions

Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, all visitors need to ensure that they are complying with the current travel restrictions in place by the Northern Territory Government.

Experience four rock art talks in one at the astonishing Ubirr art site.

This activity will run during the dry season, 1 June - 25 September 2020.

The rock art talks do not run during the tropical summer.

A home through the ages

Main gallery, 15–20 minutes

Spend time viewing spectacular rock art with rangers in the main gallery at Ubirr. As they show you the surrounding paintings, reflect on the importance of the shelter as a home and the food that was caught and cooked there.

Learn how the rock art demonstrates how people adapted to environmental change, and the reasons why Aboriginal people created rock art and how the styles, materials and subjects of the art has changed over time.

Creation and kinship

Rainbow Serpent, 15–20 minutes

The Rainbow Serpent is an important creation ancestor who tells stories of the creation era and the relationships and responsibilities of Aboriginal people in Kakadu. The kinship system is integral to these relationships and responsibilities.

Stories on stone

*Namarrkan Sisters, 15–20 minutes

Storytelling is part of traditional Indigenous education, and teaching and learning has taken place at Ubirr for many thousands of years. There are two stories shown at this site, the Fighting Figures and the Namarrkan Sisters.

The Fighting Figures tell a story about traditional law, while children are warned of the dangers of saltwater crocodiles through the story of the Namarrkan Sisters.

People and landscapes

Nadab Lookout, 15–20 minutes (evening only)

The views of the floodplain show relationships between landscapes and people in Kakadu. There are a variety of different landscapes, habitats and clan groups around this area that can be pointed out from this lookout. Look out at the view and see it from a cultural or scientific point of view.

Learn how the landscape changes through the seasons. In the early dry season this is a great spot to see and learn about managed burns and find out about joint management in Kakadu.


Certain activities may be cancelled without prior notice, for cultural reasons or due to conditions beyond our control.

Please contact Bowali Visitor Centre on 08 8938 1120 for more information.


Held during the dry season, 1 June - 25 September 2020

Meet at

Meet our ranger at the start of the Ubirr walking track.

Time required

2 hours