Kakadu National Park

For the experienced bushwalker this is a real find and sublime treat after a hearty walk.

You’ll need to make the climb up the very steep Barrk Marlam track to the plateau above Jim Jim Falls. The walk takes 4-6 hours and should be taken early in the morning when it’s cool.

But if you’re fit and up to it you’ll be rewarded with a well-deserved swim in a deserted paradise high above the falls.

The views here are breathtaking and you’ll feel like you’ve left the rest of the world far, far behind you!

Reach it via the Barrk Marlam walk.


Be Crocwise: Swimming

  • Ensure you observe all safety signs, and be aware that whenever you are near water in the park, there is a risk of crocs!
  • Kakadu has Crocodile Management Zones to minimise risk to humans. Even in these zones you should be cautious.
  • Crocodile warning signs and Crocodile Management Zones are not found everywhere.

Read more to stay safe when swimming

Site accessibility

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  • 4WD essential

See the access report for more details.

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