Kakadu National Park

Gunlom is one of Kakadu’s most magical places, where gorgeous plunge pools combine with spectacular views to create some of the park’s most picturesque vistas.

There is a large crystal clear plunge pool at the base of the falls and spectacular smaller pools at the top.

A short hike up the cliff path brings you to panoramic views of the southern reaches of the park. Walk a little further and you’ll find plunge pools at the top of Gunlom Falls and discover nature’s finest infinity pool.

Slip into the cool fresh water for a luxurious dip surrounded by idyllic tropical scenery.

When you’ve had enough, recline on the warm rocks and gaze out over southern Kakadu where lush landscape meets endless blue sky.

Tip: Please be cautious while walking around the pools above the falls as the polished rock can be slippery.

Reach via Gunlom Falls walk.


Be Crocwise: Swimming

  • Ensure you observe all safety signs, and be aware that whenever you are near water in the park, there is a risk of crocs!
  • Kakadu has Crocodile Management Zones to minimise risk to humans. Even in these zones you should be cautious.
  • Crocodile warning signs and Crocodile Management Zones are not found everywhere.

Read more to stay safe when swimming

Site accessibility

  • 4WD recommended


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