Kakadu National Park

Willis’s Walkabouts has been running long distance bushwalking tours throughout northern Australia for almost 40 years. Many of our trips will take you to spectacular places where no other tours will go.  

You’ll see waterfalls, gorges, crystal-clear pools and Aboriginal art sites that will remain forever unknown to vehicle-based tourists. Every night, you camp next to a beautiful pool you share with no-one but your walking companions. It’s magic. You have to experience it to believe it. 

Easy, hard or in between. We offer something so suit every bushwalker. Most of our Kakadu trips are two weeks, but most are divided into two or more sections, each of which can be done on its own. Our shortest trip is five days, the longest single Kakadu walk is 3½ weeks with one food drop near the middle. 

Kakadu’s traditional owners distinguish six seasons. Europeans who have lived in the area normally drop it to three: Wet, Dry and Build Up. Willis’s Walkabouts is the only operator offering pack-on-your back bushwalks in all of them.   

Take your time and explore our website to find out what makes us different and why so many of our clients are repeat customers.

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