During the tropical summer Kakadu has some spectacular waterfalls. Grab a scenic flight to see them in full flood (see estimated opening dates below). In the dry season get up close by bushwalking to the foot of the mighty escarpments.

  • Waterfalls in the Jim Jim and Twin Falls region

    The scale of our most famous falls will take your breath away. See it - June to October/November.

    Jim Jim Plunge Pool Walk
    Twin Falls Gorge

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    • Jim Jim Plunge Pool Walk

      During the dry season, walk through monsoon forest and climb over boulders to a deep plunge pool surrounded by spectacular 150 m high cliffs. To see the falls in full flow, board a scenic flight during the tropical summer. The waterfall stops flowing in the dry months, making the area accessible on foot.

      2 km return | 1-2 hours

      See it: June to November, 4WD only

      4WD advice: Turn east off the Kakadu Highway 43 km south of the Bowali Visitor Centre. Engage 4WD, travel 60 km. Allow two hours one-way. Please note speed limits and drive safely. The last 10 km of track includes areas of soft sand.

    • Twin Falls Gorge

      Twin Falls is a split cascade flowing down a 150 m cliff face. To see the falls in full flow, board a scenic flight during the tropical summer. During the dry season the waterfall slows to a trickle. The best way to marvel at these falls is to float through the gorge on the Twin Falls boat shuttle. Your guide will point out ancient secrets of the escarpment and highlight the amazing aquatic life in the crystal clear waters below. As you dock, a stroll along the floating boardwalk lets you take in the grandeur of the falls. Pack a picnic lunch and spend some time on the white sandy beach, soaking up the atmosphere. The boat shuttle departs every 15 minutes from June to October, between 7:30am and 4:30pm. The cruise up the gorge takes around 10 minutes and costs $12.50 per adult (children under 16 are free).

      Allow 2 hours to explore.

      See it: June to October, high clearance 4WD with snorkel

      4WD advice: From Garnamarr travel 8 km towards Jim Jim Falls, turn right and travel a further 10 km to Twin Falls. Engage 4WD. The last section involves a deep water crossing at Jim Jim Creek. Allow half an hour from Jim Jim Falls, one way. Please note speed limits and drive safely.

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  • Waterfalls in the Mary River region

    Discover smaller waterfalls tucked away in Kakadu's south - some open during the early tropical summer. See it - May to November, with the exception below

    Gunlom Falls
    Motor Car Falls - See it almost year round

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    • Gunlom Falls

      A popular camping area near a clear plunge pool and waterfall, at the end of a gravel road. An easy walk to a billabong and river, or try the steep climb to the top of the waterfall.

      To top of falls: 2 km return | 1.5 hours

      Billabong Walk: 2.5 km return | 1 hour

      See it: May to November

      Download the park note (PDF - 1 MB)

    • Maguk

      Walk through monsoon forest and along a sandy and rocky creek to a small waterfall and clear plunge pool.

      2 km | 1-2 hours | Gravel road, 4WD recommended

      See it: July to November

    • Motor Car Falls

      Part of the Yurmikmik Walks, the long trek to Motorcar Falls is worth the effort. This small waterfall is a particular favourite in the tropical summer, when Kakadu's larger falls tend to be inaccessible. Motor Car Creek is surrounded by lush monsoon forest and is a shady retreat. Gravel road.

      7.5 km return | 4 hours

      See it: Almost year round. May close in the peak of tropical summer

      Download the park note (PDF - 394 KB)

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