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Projects underway

Jim Jim Creek Crossing Upgrade

Twin Falls is an iconic tourist destination in Kakadu National Park, with one access route via crossing Jim Jim Creek. The road is normally closed during the wet season and reopened late in the dry season when the water level at the Jim Jim Creek crossing recedes to below 0.6 metres (m). In 2019, the Twin Falls site did not open as the water level at the crossing remained at 0.8 m until November, which coincides with the onset of wet season and the end of the peak tourist season. This normally only provides for a narrow window for visitors to access Twin Falls.

In late 2019, the Director of National Parks committed to upgrading the Jim Jim Creek crossing to allow extended access into this important site. These works require Twin Falls to be closed to the public during 2020. Work underway includes undertaking a design process and conducting an Environment Impact Assessment, with construction works scheduled to commence later in the dry season – stay tuned for more information!

Cahills Crossing

Cahills Crossing on the East Alligator River is a popular destination for tourists. It provides a vantage point to view crocodiles in their natural habitat, observe the tidal changes of the river system and watch vehicles cross the river into Arnhem Land. During the peak season, large numbers of tourists visit the area and viewing capacity is limited at the current 2m x 6m viewing platform. To provide a safe croc-viewing experience for visitors, a contract has been engaged to develop a concept design for viewing platform area. This concept will be used to consult with Traditional Owners to seek their consent for construction of the platform, which is expected to occur later in the dry season.

See news item Tenders open for Cahills Crossing viewing platform.

Architecturally designed amenities for Kakadu National Park

An important part of rolling out projects under the Growing Tourism package will to be provide high quality, contemporary visitor facilities. The Director of National Parks has recently run a tender process currently seeking suitably qualified and innovative architects or designers to design functional and iconic toilet and amenities blocks for Kakadu, which will be used throughout the park as each visitor area is upgraded.

Yurmikmik Upgrade

In the southern region of Kakadu, Yurmikmik offers a series of interconnected walking tracks, which provide a wonderful tropical summer experience. The area has been identified for an upgrade, and parks staff are currently working with the Traditional Owners to finalise the details for these works. Initial concepts for the site including an upgrade of the two carparks, realigning the access road to Motor Car Falls carpark, installing two new foot bridges on the walking track and upgrading the current tracks to Boulder Creek and Motor Car Falls.

Open tenders

The are no tenders presently open.

Closed tenders

Cahills Crossing Viewing Area Upgrade

Tender closed

Parks Australia has been working with traditional owners to develop an upgraded viewing platform area at Cahills Crossing. Around 60% of all visitors to the park head to the Cahills Crossing viewing platform to get the iconic Kakadu experience of watching crocodiles gather en masse at the crossing. It is one of the most popular and vital pieces of infrastructure in the park and upgrading the platform will allow even more visitors to safely view crocs at this popular site.

Included in the concept for the area are plans for two new viewing decks, giving visitors a fantastic view of the crocs at the crossing; a new forest walking trail where visitors can learn more about the local flora and fauna; rest areas where visitors can relax and take a picnic; safer travel paths between the carpark and the main visitor facilities; and replacement of signage for improved visitor information and safety.

Kakadu Facilities Manual

Tender closed

The Kakadu Facilities Manual guides the consistent delivery of well-designed, well-maintained and high quality infrastructure which aligns with the Kakadu National Park brand. With changes to material technology and the recently refresh of the Kakadu park branding, reviewing the Kakadu Facilities Manual is another important foundational piece as we start to roll out the major projects under the Growing Tourism in Kakadu package. It will continue to ensure that all visitor facilities across the park are high quality, sympathetic to the landscape and values of Kakadu, easy to maintain and consistent.