Kakadu National Park

Important COVID-19 update – Visitor restrictions apply

Travellers need to keep up-to-date with where they can travel and which areas have been declared COVID-19 hotspots, as the COVID-19 situation in Australia is continually evolving.

All visitors need to ensure that they are complying with the current travel restrictions in place by the Northern Territory Government.

Growing Tourism in Kakadu news

Projects underway

Jim Jim Creek Crossing Upgrade

Twin Falls is an iconic tourist destination in Kakadu National Park, with one access route via crossing Jim Jim Creek. The road is normally closed during the wet season and reopened late in the dry season when the water level at the Jim Jim Creek crossing recedes to below 0.6 metres (m). In 2020, the Twin Falls site did not open as the water level at the crossing remained at 0.8 m until November, which coincides with the onset of wet season and the end of the peak tourist season. This normally only provides for a narrow window for visitors to access Twin Falls.

Traditional Owners have formally approved the proposed upgrade to the Jim Jim Creek crossing. Construction will commence early in the dry season once the site becomes accessible and is expected to take less than 6 weeks to complete. Given that the work will be dependent on the size and duration of the wet season, we are unable to provide a specific opening date at this point in time.

An artistic expression of the finished upgrade at the end of the dry season An artistic expression of the finished upgrade at the end of the dry season

Cahills Crossing

Cahills Crossing on the East Alligator River is a popular destination for tourists. It provides a vantage point to view crocodiles in their natural habitat, observe the tidal changes of the river system and watch vehicles cross the river into Arnhem Land. During the peak season, large numbers of tourists visit the area and viewing capacity is limited at the current 2m x 6m viewing platform. To provide a safe croc-viewing experience for visitor’s, traditional owners are working with engineers to design a viewing area. The construction will go to market with the aim to build in 2021.

Open tenders

There are presently no open tenders

Closed tenders

Twin Falls

Tenders closed on 1 March 2021 for future Twin Falls Gorge access options. The successful tender will work with traditional owners to create a culturally sensitive and environmentally sustainable access to the Gorge.”

Scoping Study Kakadu World Heritage Visitor Centre

The Director of National Parks (the Customer) went to market to engage a Supplier to collate, analyse and present information and options for progressing the World Heritage Visitor Centre for Kakadu National Park.

“A World Heritage Visitor Centre is a key project within the Growing Tourism in Kakadu funding package. The vision is for the centre to be iconic with a strong design presence that is appealing to visitors. The centre will be an innovative and inspirational place for visitors to experience their first taste of Kakadu. It will represent all clans from the park, and provide Bininj/Mungguy the opportunity to share and interpret their culture with visitors through business and other opportunities. It is intended to become the main visitor centre in Kakadu and become a major booking hub for all tours and experiences in Kakadu.” - (excerpt from the Draft Kakadu Tourism Master Plan 2020-2030).

Some key stakeholders shared their early feedback on the World Heritage Visitor Centre with the Director of National Parks as part of the Growing Tourism in Kakadu consultations in 2020. Key areas of interest include the siting, funding model, purpose and function of the World Heritage Visitor Centre.