Places to see

Discover the many unique locations throughout Kakadu National Park. Each location has its own beauty to discover, with different activities to enjoy.

  • East Alligator region

    East Alligator region is located in the north-east of the park, along the border to Arnhem land. For supplies and things to eat, drop into the Border Store at Manbiyarra. This is a great area for fishing (especially barramundi) with two boat ramps either side of Cahills crossing, and safer river access. There are a number of walks available, including the rock art sites at Ubirr, and camping can be enjoyed at the Merl campground.

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  • South Alligator region

    The South Alligator region is located in the top third of the park. This is a stunning area for bird enthusiasts, with the Mamukala wetlands being home to a vast array of beautiful birds.

    It's also an angler's dream with numerous fishing spots to drop a line, but note that 4WD is required. There are a number of accommodation sites available in the south alligator including Kakadu Aurora Resort and two mile hole campsite. Take one of the scenic walks or visit Anggardabal billabong for a picnic

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  • Jabiru region

    Jabiru region is located in the north east of the park south of East alligator. Accommodation options include Kakadu Lodge and Gagadju Crocodile Inn. The Kakadu National Park's Bowali Visitor Centre is also located in this region.

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  • Nourlangie region

    Nourlangie region is located in the middle of the park on the eastern side. This area is well known for its traditional rock painting galleries and beautiful walks. Try a spot of fishing in the billabongs around Muirella Park. Mirrai Lookout is the perfect vantage point to take in the beauty of the region, while Anbangbang Billabong provides a cooling stop to rest for lunch.

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  • Jim Jim and Twin Falls region

    The Jim Jim and Twin Falls region is located in the southern third of the park on the eastern side. This area features magnificent waterfalls and waterholes set against dramatic rock formations. The rough terrain restricts access and can be reached via 4WD or boat ride and walk to reach the falls.

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      Jim Jim Falls

      The following spots are located within the South alligator region:-

      Twin Falls


      Budjmi walk

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  • Yellow water region

    The Yellow water region is located in the centre of the park. This is the main area for boat cruises in Kakadu, and the early morning sunrise cruise is highly recommended. This is a lovely spot for fishing. Join a tour or launch your own boat.

    Accommodation is available at Cooinda, and a number of campsites are located here. Make sure you visit the Warradjuran Aboriginal Cultural centre to experience the beauty of traditional arts and crafts from the top end.

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  • Mary River region

    The Mary River region is located in the south of the park. This is the largest region and the most remote. Gunlom is the best known attraction in the area, with it's stunning cliff top plunge pools. The walk to the top has little shade some make sure you are properly protected. Mary River Roadhouse provides petrol, accommodation and food. It is the only spot to attain these services in the area. Camp sites are plentiful and scenic walks, waterfalls, billabongs await.

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