Staying safe

Kakadu is a wild place - here are our tips to help you stay safe!

  • Take lots of water with you and drink at least four litres a day
  • Protect yourself from the sun
  • Wear sturdy shoes
  • During your visit, please always follow directions from park rangers - their directions are for your safety
  • Stay on marked tracks and in designated visitor areas - you don't want to meet the local crocodiles up close!
  • Bringing a boat? Saltwater crocodiles can attack people in boats - the smaller the boat the greater the risk.

  • Be aware of your own limitations and supervise children
  • You won't have mobile phone coverage in most of the park. Tell a responsible person where you are heading for the day and when you plan to return
  • Some roads in and out of the national park are 4WD only and many sections are steep and narrow and become slippery when wet. Drive carefully and slowly
  • Obey all safety directions, notices and warning signs
  • Beat the heat

    Temperatures regularly reach 30 degrees Celsius or more at Kakadu. Walk only in the cooler parts of the day. In summer we strongly recommend you walk only in the early morning before 11.00 am.

    The hottest part of the day at Kakadu is between 2.30 pm and 6.30 pm.

  • Crocodiles

    Saltwater crocodiles are dangerous. They have attacked and killed people. They inhabit most areas of water in Kakadu National Park including floodplains, freshwater billabongs, creeks, rivers and coastal areas.

    Be crocwise - see the NT parks and wildlife video

    • In most locations, crocodile warning signs tell you not to enter the water and to keep away from the water's edge. Obey signs warning of crocodiles. If you do not see a warning sign, assume that crocodiles are present.

      Find out more about swimming at Kakadu.

    Read more on croc safetyClose
  • Injured wildlife

    If you see an injured animal in the park - please notify staff in the Cultural Centre either in person or by phone 08 8956 1128.