Australian Marine Parks

Australia’s pristine oceans make us a world leader in sustainably producing world class pearls. Supporting pearling in our marine parks creates jobs in the pearling industry, puts money into the economy and regional communities, and delivers beautiful pearls that are sold all over the world.

Where is pearling allowed?

The management plans set out where commercial pearling is allowed in Australian Marine Parks. Pearling is allowed under certain circumstances in the North and North-west Marine Park Networks in the following zones:

  • Special Purpose zones
  • Multiple Use zones
  • Habitat Protection zones

For further information about the zones and rules in each marine park, check the factsheets on each network.

Do pearling activities need approval?

Yes, approval is required to undertake pearling in marine parks. Types of approvals include class approvals or licences.

Class approvals are a general type of authorisation that apply to users doing the same activity. It means that you don’t need to apply individually for an authorisation, minimising administration and costs for your business.

No class approvals are currently in place for commercial pearling.

If you do not meet the terms of a class approval, you will need to apply for a licence from the Director of National Parks.

How can pearling operators get involved in marine park management?

We currently work in partnership with a range of marine park users and stakeholders to manage, protect and better understand our marine parks.

If you’re interested in being involved in the management of Australian Marine Parks, please contact us via email.


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