Australian Marine Parks

A $35 million package to assist industries and communities transition to the new Australian Marine Park management arrangements.

The Package provides:

Fishing business assistance

  • Direct assistance to affected commercial fishers with a recent history of fishing in Australian Marine Parks as they transition their businesses to the new operating environment.
  • The Director of National Parks has released a Position Paper that sets out more information on fishing business assistance.
  • The Position Paper has been provided to peak commercial fishing industry bodies, and can be found here.

Feedback received from the commercial fishing industry on the Position Paper will be considered by the Director of National Parks and used to inform the finalisation of the Fishing Business Assistance grant guidelines.

Our Marine Parks grants

  • Grants to help marine users and industries engage in marine park management, including a sub-component of up to $2 million for infrastructure to provide recreational and charter fishers, as well as other tourism operators, with secure moorings.
  • More information will be made available in the coming months.

Support to encourage uptake of vessel monitoring systems

  • Parks Australia will work directly with state and territory governments to deliver this.

Coral Sea fishery licence buy-out program

  • Direct assistance to remove a limited number of licences in the Coral Sea fishery where the new marine park management arrangements result in the closure of an entire fishery to certain fishing methods.
  • Eligible licence holders will be approached directly by Parks Australia.

Future opportunities

In the coming months, consultation will be undertaken with other sectors, including the tourism and charter industry, and community organisations on other elements of the Package.

Where are Australian Marine Parks?

Maps of Australian Marine Parks are available here.