Australian Marine Parks

We value your input and feedback as we develop management plans for marine parks in the North, North-west, South-west, Temperate East and the Coral Sea. In the last year we’ve sought your advice twice as part of the process to finalise marine park management arrangements.

In September and October 2016, thousands of people took the time to write to us about the things we should consider in drafting management plans. Check out a summary of the key issues raised here.

Between 21 July and 20 September 2017, we released the five draft management plans for public comment. We received over 80,000 submissions about the draft plans. Your feedback on the draft plans is still being considered, before the Director provides final plans to the Minister for consideration and approval.

Between 21 July and 20 September 2017, the Director also consulted about her proposal to rename 58 Commonwealth marine reserves as marine parks. The Minister for the Environment and Energy has now considered a Report from the Director, summarising and responding to your feedback, and a proclamation has been made to formally change the name of these 58 marine parks.