Australian Marine Parks

The South-east Network Stakeholder Forum promotes the involvement, engagement and collaboration of marine park users, stakeholders and the community in management of the South-east Network.

Stakeholder forum

This Forum brings together representatives from regional industry associations, conservation and marine science agencies and community groups to discuss issues relevant to the management of the South-east Network.

The Forum provides opportunities for marine park user groups and community groups with interests in the management of the Network to meet with marine reserve managers to get updates on implementation of the Management Plan and provide advice on improvements to management.

Forum members contribute to the Implementation Schedule and annual progress reports, and to the development of other elements of management.

The South-east Network Stakeholder Forum meets as required (generally at least twice a year).

Current membership includes the following organisations, agencies and groups:

Commercial fishing

  • South East Trawl Fishing Industry Association
  • Great Australian Bight Industry Association
  • Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council
  • Seafood Industry Victoria
  • Wild Catch Fisheries of South Australia
  • Tasmanian Rock Lobster Fishermen’s Association


  • Environment Tasmania
  • Victorian National Parks Association

Recreational fishing

  • TARFish (Tasmanian Recreational Fishing Peak Body)
  • VRFish (Victorian Recreational Fishing Peak Body)
  • Tasmanian Game Fishing Association

Charter fishing and tourism

  • Sea Charter Boat Operators of Tasmania

Marine science

  • CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere
  • University of Tasmania, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies

Petroleum industry

  • Exxon Mobil Australia

Boating and shipping

  • Boating Industry Alliance Australia
  • Australian Ship Owners Association

The diverse interests represented at the Forum greatly assist Parks Australia to define priorities, improve and better target our engagement with users and provide an avenue for Parks Australia to draw on the wealth of experience of representatives covering all aspects of management of the South-east Network.

The members of the Forum have been instrumental in the development of the Implementation Schedule for the Network and continue to help Parks Australia better understand the concerns of marine park users and stakeholders.

The South-east Stakeholder Forum is changing.

Following the introduction of the new management plans for each of the five marine park networks in July 2018, Parks Australia is establishing Australian Marine Park advisory committees to guide and advise on the management of these parks.

Parks Australia has decided to take this opportunity to align the current South-east Stakeholder Forum with this new structure so the forum will soon become the South-east Advisory Committee.

Current forum members will be automatically invited to join the new committee.