Australian Marine Parks

Australia’s oceans are distinctive and diverse, home to marine life found nowhere else.

Our oceans also support people’s livelihoods and the Australian lifestyle. Managing marine parks is about balance.

Individual marine parks have been carefully zoned to include representative examples of Australia’s marine habitats and features, like canyons, seamounts and reefs.

This improves the ability of our marine environment to withstand pressures, including some of the impacts of climate change, cyclones, marine pollution and invasive species.

What we protect

  • Key ecological features – considered to be of regional importance for biodiversity or ecosystem function (such as the Perth Canyon, the Lord Howe Seamount Chain and reefs and herbivorous fish of the Marion Plateau)
  • Biologically important areas – areas where protected species display a biologically important behaviour such as breeding, foraging, resting and migration
  • Seafloor types – including canyons, reefs, seamounts, shelves and deep valleys
  • Provincial and meso-scale bioregions – large areas with similar types of fauna, flora and ocean conditions.