Australian Marine Parks

If you’re interested in reading recent research highlights from Australian Marine Parks, accessing relevant literature or quickly viewing available species and habitat data, the Science Atlas is for you!

Our marine parks are exciting, dynamic places that protect spectacular marine life and important habitats. Situated offshore, often beyond sight of land, these parks are relatively undisturbed and unexplored, making them a fantastic place to undertake cutting edge science and make new discoveries.

“The Science Atlas is a great platform for people to discover the remarkable research happening in our marine parks and for scientists to identify knowledge gaps and showcase their research.”

— Dr Marji Puotinen, Australian Institute of Marine Science


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Multibeam bathymetry of a field of large dunes in Kimberley Marine Park. Photo: Geoscience Australia / CC BY 3.0 AU

Using maps, videos, images and data, the Science Atlas brings emerging science stories and our marine parks to life.

The specialised mapping program presents multiple sources of information in an interactive and accessible format, making it easy to discover new research happening in the parks and learn about the science used in their initial design.

Pinch, zoom and click your way around our coastline to get a network perspective or use the navigational tabs to explore a specific park. Watch the video to find out more.


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Australian Marine Parks Science Atlas


Researchers from Reef Life Survey diving at Pimpernel Rock in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Photo: Toni Cooper

The Science Atlas brings together Parks Australia’s marine park management expertise with the technical expertise of the Australian Institute of Marine Science and the diverse skills and interests of our science community.

Partnerships are key to delivering good park management. That’s why we work in close partnership with science institutes to ensure research undertaken in the marine parks addresses our management needs.

Our science partners have contributed their maps, videos, images, data (and hard work!) to the Science Atlas, making this platform the best place to find out about the latest discoveries in our marine parks.


Relatively undisturbed and unexplored, Australian Marine Parks are a fantastic place to undertake cutting edge research.

The Science Atlas is a platform to promote research undertaken in Australian Marine Parks, share knowledge and facilitate new research ideas.

We encourage you to consider one of the 58 marine parks for your next project and contribute your research to the Science Atlas.

Having your research featured on the Science Atlas is easy! Simply download the article template here and get in touch with us: