A number of walks allow you to fully explore Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park. Most of the walks are wheelchair accessible, and range from easy to moderate. Walking reveals the natural beauty and rich culture of Uluru. Follow the footsteps of the ancestral beings that shaped this astonishing landscape.

  • Walks around Uluru

    Follow in the footsteps of our ancestral beings that shaped the landscape. By choosing to walk around Uluru instead of climbing, you will be respecting Tjukurpa and Anangu wishes.

    • You can take the entire Uluru Base Walk, or just concentrate on one or more of its sections, depending on how much time you have, your level of fitness and the weather. Drink water, stay cool and walk safety. In hot weather walk only in the cooler morning hours finishing before 11.00 am.

      Free ranger-guided mala walk

      Park rangers guide a daily Mala Walk. Meet at the Mala Walk sign. A ranger will take you along the base of the rock, stopping to tell the story of the mala (rufous hare-wallaby) people. Learn about traditional Anangu culture, rock art and how the park is managed.

      Free daily ranger-guided Mala Walk - 8.00 am (October - April) and 10.00 am (May - Sept), departs from the Mala Walk car park

      Grade 1 | 2 km return | 1.5 hrs | Wheelchair access

    • Uluru base walk

      We recommend you start the base walk from the Mala carpark in the morning. Escape the crowds and take a meandering journey through acacia woodlands and grassed claypans. Discover the diverse plants, animals and geological features of the park. From Kuniya Piti follow the snake-like grooves at the base of the rock which were left when the ancestral being Kuniya journey to Mutitjulu waterhole. Encounter bloodwoods, native grasses and many waterways and soaks. The Base Walk is the best way to fully appreciate the natural and cultural beauty of Uluru.

      Grade 3 | 10.6 km loop | 3.5 hrs

    • Mala walk to Kantju Gorge

      Learn where the Mala (rufous hare-wallaby) people camped when they first arrived at Uluru. The Mala people are the ancestral beings of Anangu. There are examples of Anangu rock art along this walk and you can experience the sheer vertical walls and profound peacefulness of Kantju Gorge. A great sunset location in winter.

      2 km return | 1.5 hrs | drinking water available | wheelchair accessible

    • Lungkata walk

      Starting at Kuniya Walk, learn about Lungkata (the blue-tongued lizard man) and why you should not take what is not yours. Learn how one of Uluru's first visitors discovered the dangers of climbing Uluru. During the summer months this is a great close-to-the-rock sunset location.

      Grade 2 | 4 km return from Mala or Kuniya carparks | 1.5 hrs | dry weather | wheelchair accessible

    • Kuniya walk to Mutitjulu Waterhole

      From the Kuniya carpark, visitors can walk the short track to Mutitjulu waterhole, home of a wanampi, an ancestral watersnake. In the special times of rain, experience the magical waterfalls, while in the warmer months watch for noisy finches and nankeen kestrels soaring on the thermal winds. For the keen bird watcher, you may spot nesting black-breasted buzzards or tawny frogmouths.
      Here you can learn how Kuniya and Liru (the woma python woman and poisonous snake man) helped create Uluru. This is a living cultural landscape. Kuniya is still here. Her spirit is here. The art caves are still used by Anangu today. This is a special place.

      Grade 1 | 1 km return | 30-45 mins | wheelchair accessible

    • Liru walk

      This walk will take you between the Cultural Centre and the base of Uluru. The track winds through stands of wanari (mulga) and after rain, often displays colourful flowers.

      Grade 2 | 4 km return | 1.5 hrs | dry-weather | wheelchair accessible

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  • Walks around Kata Tjuta

    Kata Tjuta is a Pitjantjatjara word meaning 'many heads'. The 36 steep-sided domes of Kata Tjuta lie about 32 kilometres west of Uluru - 50 kilometres by road (allow 110 km return).

    • This is an Anangu men's site and is sacred under Tjukurpa (law). Everyone is welcome and encouraged to visit but as with all areas of the park, please stay on the marked tracks.

      Kata Tjuta dune viewing area

      Located 26 km along the road to Kata Tjuta, this short, easy walk offers a magnificent panoramic view of the domes and a relaxing place to sit and absorb this ever-changing landscape. At sunset and sunset it is awe-inspiring.
      Grade 2 | 600m | 30 mins | wheelchair access

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    • Walpa Gorge Walk

      Walpa (windy) Gorge is a desert refuge for plants and animals. The rocky track gently rises to an ephemeral stream, passing rare plants and ending at a grove of spearwood. Walk within the sheer walls and experience this amazing landscape.
      Grade 3 | 2.6 km return | 1 hour

    • The Valley of the Winds Walks - Kata Tjuta

      Get away from everyone and everything at Valley of the Winds. The views are breathtaking and worth the effort of taking on these walks.

      Karu lookout
      This track has some loose rocks to negotiate. Please mind your step and wear sturdy footwear. The view is breathtaking and worth the little effort.
      Grade 3 | 2.2 km return | 1 hr | drinking water available at the start of the track

      Karingana lookout
      This track takes you down into the valley and creek beds. It is challenging in sections with many steps and some steep spots but it is absolutely worth the effort.
      Grade 4 | 5.4 km return | 2.5 hr

      Full circuit walk
      The remainder of the Valley of the Winds walk takes you far away from everyone and everything and into the heart of this land.
      Grade 4 | 7.4 km full circuit | 4 hrs | commercial photography not allowed | water available half way along the track

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  • Talinguru Nyakunytjaku

    Anangu traditional owners welcome you to Talinguru Nyakunytjaku - place to look from the sand dune.

    Here you'll find stunning views of Uluru and Kata Tjuta at sunrise and sunset and two walks designed to increase your understanding and appreciation of Anangu culture and survival skills. Walk along the tracks and find your own spot to watch the sunrise. Have a picnic under our shelters, watch the sunset without the crowds. Experience the far horizons, space and colours of the breathtaking desert landscape.

    • Minymaku Walk - Women's Business

      Everyone is welcome on this track to learn about women's business, such as how women collect and process bush foods. Learn about some of the games young children play.
      Grade 1 | 1 km return | 30-45 mins | wheelchair access | drinking water available

    • Watiku walk - Men's Business

      Everyone is welcome on this track to learn about men's business such as how to make tools and how men use fire to hunt.
      Grade 1 | 1.5 km return | 1 hr | wheelchair access | drinking water available

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