Cultural Centre

Start your trip at the Cultural Centre and our staff will tell you about all that Uluru has to offer. Pick up your visitor guide here and find out more about Uluru and its traditional owners through our many interesting displays. You'll also find lots about our natural environment - our plants and animals and how Uluru was formed. There are lots of other facilities at the Cultural Centre - toilets, picnic areas and gas barbecues. You can buy local artworks, souvenirs, snacks and drinks from stores managed by traditional owners.
Entry is free.

Cultural Centre: open 7.00 am - 6.00 pm
Information Desk: open 8.00 am - 5.00 pm | ph. 08 8956 1128
Free culture or nature presentations: 10.00 am weekdays
Free daily ranger-guided Mala Walk: 8.00 am (October - April) and 10.00 am (May - Sept), departs from the Mala Walk car park

  • Anangu welcome you

    "The Cultural Centre will introduce you to the foundation of our culture - Tjukurpa. Tjukurpa is traditional law that guides Anangu daily life.

    • You'll enter the Cultural Centre through the Tjukurpa tunnel, and find out how the buildings are constructed to represent two important ancestral beings - Kuniya, the woma python woman, and Liru, the poisonous snake man.

      We carry our culture through stories which are handed down through generations from grandparents to grandchildren. Some of these stories - the Kuniya, Liru, the Mala and the story of Lungkata are told in the Tjukurpa tunnel.

      We also tell these stories through Inma. Inma is the Pitjantjatjara for 'ceremony' and usually includes dance and song. At the Cultural Centre you'll be able to witness a ceremony up close - as if you were actually there.

      Find out more about the Cultural Centre.
    • Outback Cycling at Uluru

      In a first for Uluru, you can hire bicycles from our Cultural Centre through Outback Cycling and take a 15 kilometre return ride 'round the rock.
      It's a unique action adventure on two wheels, and a great alternative to the climb, taking you right around Uluru and up close to the rock. Hire your bikes at Outback Cycling's shop just outside the park's Cultural Centre. Bike hire is $30 for a three hour period, and then $10 for every additional hour.
      Bike hire is available from after sunrise till late in the afternoon. Times will vary depending on the season.
      Note in temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius, due to the risk of dehydration and for your own safety, sections of the Uluru base walking trails are closed but you will still be able to do a shorter ride.

      For more go to

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  • Art galleries

    Meet some artists and learn about our art. You can even join a workshop!

    • Maruku arts - Visit the gallery at the Cultural Centre

      Displaying traditionally crafted punu (wooden) tools and artifacts, paintings, jewellery, pottery and other crafts from Anangu artists in the Central Western Desert region.
      Open 7:30 am - 5:30 pm | Phone 08 8956 2558 |

    • Walkatjara Gallery - Visit the gallery at the Cultural Centre

      Walkatjara Gallery supports artists from the local community, Mutitjulu. They provide a space for Anangu artists to paint and for visitors to watch artists at work, speak with them about their art and buy a great souvenir.
      Open 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday to Friday | Phone 08 8956 2558

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  • Uluru Aboriginal Tours

    Uluru Aboriginal Tours is an Anangu owned and operated guide company. UAT has private, family, group, media and corporate touring options.
    Reservations 0447 878 851 |

  • Ininti Cafe and Souvenirs

    Enjoy light refreshments or a main meal with a magnificent view of Uluru. Ininti offers a selection of souvenir gifts, books, videos and clothing. It is recommended groups book in advance to avoid delays. Open 7:00 am - 5:00 pm (closed Christmas, New Years Day and June 30) | Phone 08 8956 2214