Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park


Join our fun and organic dot-painting workshop!

Sit down with a local Anangu artist and interpreter to learn about ancient symbols, traditional tools for hunting and gathering and more.

Get inspired by the storytelling of the creation time (Tjukurpa) to create your very own work of art in this absorbing and often therapeutic adventure for everyone.

“We the Anangu are the descendants of the traditional inhabitants of the lands of central Australia. We are driven by our desire to preserve and pass on our cultural knowledge through our art. Our traditions have sustained our cultural, social, spiritual and economic life over hundreds of generations.”

— Nellie Patterson

Maruku Arts is a not-for-profit art and craft corporation that has been 100% owned and operated by Anangu since 1984.

Contact Maruku Arts for more unique and exclusive experiences such as guided walks of Uluru, traditional ceremonies, punu (wood) making workshops, bush medicine and more.

Departs from

Yulara town square near Kulata Cafe

How often?

Twice daily

Maximum group size