Exhibitions at the Visitors Centre

Open daily from 9.30 am – 4.30 pm

Exhibitions in the Visitor Centre Gallery aim to provide enjoyment for visitors through a broad program of display material including fine art, craft, photography, sculpture and other creative forms.

Display content ranges from historical to contemporary and encompasses a variety of themes including science, environment and culture.

Many of the exhibitions provide a new context for understanding and appreciating native flora, learning about the many roles of the ANBG, appreciating people's perceptions of native flora, and becoming aware of threats and their consequences to native flora and the environment.

  • The Colour of Eucalyptus

    Until 25 June

    An exhibition by Sally Blake of 330 pieced works along with pressed leaves, drawings and coloured yarns to represent the beauty of nature derived from our most iconic and dominant trees, eucalypts. Dyes collected from 100 species of eucalypts were used to discover and record a splendid array of colours using seven different fabrics.

    • Artworks were created from Sally Blake’s eucalyptus dye research undertaken at the Gardens in 2016.

      Image: Eucalyptus Mantle, 2017. Eucalyptus dyed wool, silk and linen and eucalyptus leaves on paper. 56 x 76cm (image cropped from original)


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  • Future of the Dreaming

    28 June – 29 July

    An exhibition of works based on significance of the emu to Aboriginal cultures across Australia through a variety of mediums including traditional paintings on animals hides and egg painting, by Indigenous students from CIT.