Australian National Botanic Gardens

Daily, 9.30 am – 4.30 pm — Visitor Centre Gallery

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There’s always an exhibition in the Visitor Centre Gallery.

Exhibitions explore the Australian environment through diverse creative forms including fine art, craft, photography and sculpture.

Current and upcoming exhibitions

Dagmar Dyck, Pandanus (Pandanacea) Fa, 2018, Woodcut and Acrylic, 500mm x 350mm

Paradise Lost: Daniel Solander’s Legacy

2 - 22 September — Visitor Centre Gallery

An exhibition commemorating the legacy of the Swedish botanist Daniel Solander and the first encounter between Sweden and the Pacific Region, New Zealand and Australia, to coincide with the 250th Anniversary of Cook’s first voyage to Australia.

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SG Banksia solandri

Legacy of Banks and Solander

26 September - 25 October — Visitor Centre Gallery

An exhibition of botanical art focusing on plants collected by Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander on their discovery voyage of Australia to coincide with the 250th Anniversary of Cooks first voyage to Australia and on Banksias for the Gardens 50th Anniversary.

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