Australian National Botanic Gardens

Daily, 9.30 am – 4.30 pm — Visitor Centre Gallery

There’s always an exhibition in the Visitor Centre Gallery.

Exhibitions explore the Australian environment through diverse creative forms including fine art, craft, photography and sculpture.

Current and upcoming exhibitions

Araucaria bidwillii by Morgan Philips

Art in the Gardens with Friends – More Than Just a Pretty Plant

16 March – 14 April, 9.30 am – 4.30 pm — Visitor Centre Gallery

An exhibition focusing on the diverse uses of Australian flora as important sources of food, fibre, medicines, natural remedies, tools, furniture or even building products, by the Friends of the Gardens Botanic Art Groups.

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Granite Outcrop

High Country

17 April – 12 May, 9.30 am – 4.30 pm — Visitor Centre Gallery

A selection of paintings, drawings, pastels and limited edition prints focusing on the ‘natural patterns’ found in the high country region of NSW and the ACT.

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