Norfolk Island National Park

Six kilometres south of Norfolk is Phillip Island – part of the Norfolk Island National Park and a birdwatcher’s paradise.

Every year, thousands of migratory seabirds breed on Phillip Island, including masked boobies, black-winged petrels, sooty terns and black noddies.

The island is free of any predators, making it an ideal place for these beautiful birds to nest among rare and endangered plants.

Phillip Island’s contoured landscape is quite unusual – a century of erosion and degradation has exposed a dazzling array of red, yellow and pink soils.

Visiting Phillip Island

Visitors disembarking onto the rock shore of Phillip Island Landing at Phillip Island. Photo: Norfolk Island Tourism

Phillip Island is an adventurer’s paradise and just getting off the boat at the landing spot can be a challenge. Accessing the the island also requires an exhilarating climb on rope ladders followed by a trek over steep inclines.

But the effort is well worth it to be rewarded with epic views and the chance to get close to thousands of nesting seabirds.

Access to the island is weather-dependant and an experienced guide is required at all times.

To organise a visit, please contact the Norfolk Island Visitors Information Centre.

Download a brochure to find out more about Phillip Island.