Booderee National Park

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Walawaani Njindjiwan Njin Booderee – welcome everyone, this is Booderee.

Booderee is Aboriginal land. Parks Australia works hand in hand with the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community to manage Booderee, using a mix of traditional knowledge and modern science.

Crystal-clear waters meet beautiful white sand beaches, while high cliffs overlook the majestic Pacific Ocean.

Booderee National Park features extraordinary native wildlife and is adorned with expansive botanic gardens.

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Visiting the park

You need a park pass to experience the cultural and natural marvels of Booderee National Park.

Planning on staying in the park? Booderee offers beachside campgrounds nestled among pristine native bushland. Campsites fill up fast during peak periods, so we suggest booking early to avoid missing out.

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