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Australia is surrounded by magnificent oceans and a marine environment that's the envy of the world.

Marine parks help conserve marine habitats and the marine species that live within and rely on these habitats.

Marine parks also provide places for people to watch wildlife, dive, and go boating, snorkelling and fishing. Importantly, they create jobs in industries like fishing and tourism, and provide us with food and energy.

That's why the Australian Government has established 60 marine parks around the country.

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Planning for marine parks in the Indian Ocean Territories

We’re embarking on the first steps to create marine parks in the waters off Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands – Australia’s Indian Ocean Territories.

Latest marine parks news

Anemones. Photo: Justin Gilligan

Australia to expand Marine Parks

Wednesday 12 May 2021

The Australian Government has announced plans to establish Australian Marine Parks in the Indian Ocean Territories (IOTs), around Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

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AFMA staff untangling turtle from ghost net. Credit: Australian Fisheries Management Authority

Ghost Nets Initiative launch

Monday 3 May 2021

The Australian Government has launched the Ghost Nets Initiative by making a $14.8 million investment in projects to directly address the challenge of ghost nets and marine debris littering northern Australian waters and beaches.

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Ashmore Reef. Credit: Lauren Hardiman, CSIRO

$39.9 million investment in Australian Marine Parks announced

Friday 23 April 2021

The Australian Government has announced a $39.9 million investment in Australian Marine Park partnerships as part of a broader $100 million Ocean Leadership package.

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Green turtle

Exclusion zone at Middleton Reef

Monday 11 January 2021

Part of the northern-most National Park Zone of Lord Howe Marine Park, which includes Middleton Reef, has been closed following a report of a suspected unexploded ordnance (UXO).

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Where are Australian Marine Parks?

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How we manage marine parks

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Management plans set out how we manage our parks – protecting important marine habitats and species, while allowing people to use and enjoy these special places.

Find out more about how we will manage marine parks under these plans by clicking the links below.