Norfolk Island National Park

Is there a travel ban to Norfolk Island?

Residents from all states and territories of Australia are currently allowed to enter Norfolk Island.

Are there restrictions on access to Norfolk Island National Park for those on the island?

The national park remains open. All park facilities, including the Botanic Gardens Discovery Centre are now open.

Are there any changes to staff operations?

Staff are operating on a business as usual basis with measures in place to ensure social distancing rules are followed.

Has the travel ban to the island impacted on any Parks Australia work?

Several research projects have been put on hold due to the ban on travel to the island for non-essential staff. These include coral reef surveys, boo book owl surveys and other minor university surveys as well.

How will you communicate to the public, community, residents and visitors?

There will be notifications here on the Norfolk Island National Park website and Facebook page and through Parks Australia social media channels.

You can also stay up to date via the Norfolk Island Emergency Management (EMNI) Facebook page.